Friday, August 15, 2008

Patagonia Needs Your Help NOW

Patagonia - the very essence of untouched, pristine wilderness at the end of the world - glacial ice fields, rugged mountains, ancient forests, a maze of fjords and wild, untamed rivers. That is Patagonia today. But peril looms in paradise. The Spanish Energy company Endesa, or rather its Chilean Offshoot, Endesa Chile and the Chilean ColbĂșn signed a contract in 2006 to turn this wilderness into a wasteland. Under the innocent sounding project name of 'HidroAysen' no less than 5 hydroelectric dams are planned in Patagonia, to harness the power of the wild, glacier-fed Baker and Pascua rivers. Undoubtedly this would change the pristine face of this magical landscape forever and turn it into an ugly, marred, desolate moonscape of clear-cut mountains, blasted rock faces and high voltage electricity pylons that will march down the Carretera Austral for more than 2000 miles.
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